SONY  SRS-X88B Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker Price: £ 259.00

SONY SRS-X88B Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker Price: £ 259.00

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PC World Offer: SONY SRS-X88B Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker from Audio Systems For just: GBP259.00

With the Sony SRS-X88B Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker you’ll experience stunningly clean and powerful playback of your favourite sounds throughout your home – via streaming, USB or auxiliary input. High resolution audio There’s an arsenal of technology behind the grille of your Sony SRS-X88 to deliver seriously impressive sound. It supports High-Resolution Audio files like FLAC, ALAC, WAV and AIFF, reproducing every note and subtlety with the clarity the artist intended. An S-Master HX digital amplifier helps the speaker recreate High-Resolution Audio sources, reducing high-frequency noise to improve crispness and clarity. There’s also DSEE HX that upscales compressed audio formats like MP3 so they’re closer to High-Resolution Audio. Subtleties lost from compression are restored for richer, more satisfying listening. ClearAudio+ uses advanced digital signal processing to ensure a high-grade music experience. Experience the freedom of multi-room music Thanks to its multi-room capabilities, the Sony SRSX-88 can connect with compatible Sony multi-room speakers so you can enjoy your favourite songs throughout your home. Use Party mode to play the same music through different speakers, truly filling your home – or use Personal mode to play different songs through multiple speakers at the same time. Everyone in the house can groove to their own soundtrack. Download the SongPal app for Android and iOS to connect with a range of online music services like Google Cast and Spotify. This app opens up different control and configuration options too. Full-range speaker setup Despite its compact size and sleek design, the Sony SRS X88 packs two tweeters, two 40 mm midrange drivers and a subwoofer to create a true 2.1 system. The 20 mm Wide Dispersion Super Tweeters deliver pure vocals, melodic intricacies and soaring highs across a wide soundstage. Distortion and noise are significantly reduced by the magnetic fluid speaker design. The 69 mm subwoofer works with passive radiators for thumping bass, giving your music excellent definition whether you’re playing it loud or soft. Airborne music The Sony SRSX88 Multi-Room Speaker features LDAC audio technology for high-quality wireless streaming via Bluetooth. It transmits three times the data for superior listening. Establish a direct, seamless connection for easy streaming by touching your NFC-enabled devices to the speaker. This speaker also features WiFi and AirPlay for streaming iTunes content from devices supporting AirPlay and Google Cast – and you can access music stored on a DLNA-compatible PC or home server. Google Cast lets you cast your favourite music apps, and enjoying music services like Spotify. Well-connected speaker A USB-A port allows you to connect and charge your MP3 players, iPhones and iPads, or a USB stick for streaming High-Resolution Audio and MP3 files. There’s also a USB-B port that lets you connect to a PC for playing back songs direct from your digital library without losing any signal quality. Use the analogue audio input for playing back music from non-Bluetooth devices such as certain MP3 players. An Ethernet port gives you a way to establish a stable network connection. Expand your musical universe with the Sony SRS-X88B Wireless Multi-Room Speaker . More Details…

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