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  • English Local Deal: The Wandering Bard Tour of South Wales for £60.00

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    Tours of Wales Currently Offer: The Wandering Bard Tour of South Wales for just £60.00 Valid from: 2019-04-29T20:55:51 to 2021-01-10T23:59:59


    On this tour you are accompanied by a historian with a deep passion and knowledge of Wales. You will learn some Welsh, sample traditional Welsh food and learn about the ancient history and culture of Wales. Gareth, your guide is a fluent Welsh speaker and he will give you an insight into Wales that wouldn’t be available with a standard tour operator. South Wales is the most populated area of Wales and it is the area of Wales that is the most iconic around the world. This area includes neolithic sites, Roman remains, imposing Norman castles, industrial heritage, dramatic mountain scenery as well as beaches voted as some of the best in the world.The valleys have defined Wales with images of coal miners, rugby players, and male voice choirs. Since the demise of the coal industry the valleys have gone through some tough times but these resolute people still have a culture all of their own. More details…

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