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  • English Local Deal: Lost In Music Tours for £15.12

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    Lost In Music Tours Currently Offer: Lost In Music Tours for just £15.12 Valid from: 2019-10-15T10:38:12 to 2021-05-02T22:59:59


    You’ll be given an immersive 2 hour walking tour in the Old Town while listening to the music of the city. All you need to bring is your phone and headphones!During the tour many stories and curiosities will be told about local heroes, famous Scottish bands and International rockstars who lived in the city at some point in their careers. Did you know that David Bowie lived in Edinburgh for a while? What if I tell you that Nirvana gave a memorable concert in front of only 20 people in a famous pub in the city? If this wasn’t enough, all these stories will be amused with music (lots of it!) which will be played from one stop to the next. Make sure you have WhatsApp and a QR reader app installed in your Smartphone.Don’t forget to bring your headphones to live the experience to the fullest!At the end of the tour, you’ll be given a map with music-related things to do in the city as well as a playlist you can enjoy in your phone or from home, anytime! More details…

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