Personalised Pet ‘Bed Hogger’ Pillowcases – Gift Idea

Personalised Pet ‘Bed Hogger’ Pillowcases – Gift Idea

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Great Presents for Men – Personalised Gifts – Personalised Gifts – Personalised Pet ‘Bed Hogger’ Pillowcases Offered at: GBP39.99

We all know a couple whose pet is their ‘baby’ or perhaps a pet that gets away with ruling the roost! Whether it’s a cat or a dog before you know it the bed is taken and all space is sacrificed for a loveable and furry friend. Remind you of someone? Of course (!) and our fun Bed Hogger pillow set is the perfect gift! Personalise the pillows with 3 names of your choice with the pet’s name taking up the largest space in the middle showing how it really is. Please note there will be a slight colour variance between the text and arrow due to printing methods. 12 characters per name. 78 x 51cm. Please list names from left to right as you would read them when standing at the foot of the bed. Continue reading…

Presents for Men Personalised Pet 'Bed Hogger' Pillowcases

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