Buy Roller Leg Massager for just £5.99

Buy Roller Leg Massager for just £5.99

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Roller Leg Massager Offered at: GBP5.99

Relieve the leg pain from a rock and roll lifestyle with the Roller Leg Massager
Features 8 roller bearings which gently apply pressure from ankles into calves
Designed with ergonomic principles making it super easy to use
Roller measures approximately 14cm x 12cm
Can help reduce painful swelling and stimulate blood flow
Plastic design can be used anywhere; from the sofa to the bath
Ideal for relieving painful and swollen legs and feet after a long day
1x Roller Leg Massager for just 5.99 pounds instead of 15 pounds; save 60%
2x Roller Leg Massagers for just 11.99 pounds instead of 30 pounds; save 60%

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Roller Leg Massager



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