BOSE  SoundSport Headphones – Frost Grey, Grey Price: £ 79.95

BOSE SoundSport Headphones – Frost Grey, Grey Price: £ 79.95

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PC World Offer: BOSE SoundSport Headphones – Frost Grey, Grey from Headphones For just: GBP79.95

Sweat and water resistant, the Bose SoundSport Headphones for iPhone, iPod and iPad stay put whilst you work out and motivate you with their great sound. Real exercise inspiration Thanks to TriPort technology, these SoundSport Headphones output full, balanced audio, and render all your favourite workout tracks in brilliant quality. When you’re pushing for that extra mile or one more rep, they’ll help inspire you to push your limits and keep going. An inclusive design helps you stay in tune with your environment, keeping you alert and aware when running outdoors. Locked in place and sweat-resistant Your Bose SoundSport Headphones will remain firmly in your ears thanks to innovative StayHear tips which conform to the shape of your ears. They’re comfortable and stay put even when you’re working hard. A hydrophobic cloth covers each speaker element, preventing sweat and water from getting in, whilst allowing that awesome audio through. Extra-durable cables and connectors keep to the pace of your rigorous workout. One-touch control Bose SoundSport Headphones are customised for selected iPhone, iPod and iPad devices, with a three-button inline remote for switching between calls and music with a single touch. Adjust the volume or slip to a track quickly and easily – you won’t have to touch your device at all, which is especially handy when you’re running. The omnidirectional microphone lets you communicate conveniently as you exercise without having to hold it close to your mouth. Enhance your fitness regime with Bose SoundSport Headphones in frost grey for iPhone and selected Apple devices. More Details…

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